MAPP Assessment Test

If you’re deciding your major for college, a recent graduate, unhappy in your current career, going through a mid-life, quarter-life or any other type of career change, this is a way to finally narrow down what you were meant to do in life. I was a skeptic for weeks before my girlfriend convinced me this was worth my time and money.

MAPP stands for Motivated Appraisal of Personal Potential, ie: the things you do naturally in life. For about forty dollars, you’ll get two valuable pieces of information. First is a list of 20 career path suggestions based on your specific motivated abilities. Second, there’s a 10 page analysis about your personality, how you relate to people, numbers, things, data, reasoning skills, etc. This was the more valuable part for me once I actually read through it; the wordage was not simple. Most important, gave suggestions to the “why” do I do it that way.

I felt the assessment was accurate about my top 20 careers. Some of them were creative by theme: musical creative, musical instruction, creative writing, coach/counselor, musical performance. The analysis was shockingly honest for a few things.”Matt does not see, retain, recall details…” or “Matt prefers not to be managed by others.” That’s a nice way of putting it. :)

Not all the feedback I received was 100% accurate. For example, the MAPP told me that math was a foreign language to me. I graduated with a Bachelors in Engineering so I know I have some aptitude for it, unless the school had lax standards.

The tendency is for people who are searching for a new career path to want someone or something to tell them exactly what to do. Sorry, not gonna happen. This is your ultimate decision, not a Wizard of Oz online assessment test. If you’re not happy with where you’re at, it’s your responsibility to figure it out, but there are tools that can help. The MAPP is one of these tools. The Assessment website offers additional tests for a little more money. I didn’t bother with any of these tests because I was really only concerned with my career path at the time. I can’t comment on them, but some of them were Emotional Intelligence Test, Leadership Potential and Current Career Satisfaction tests.

The nice thing about this service is that it only takes about 1 hour and everything outputs to pdf format. A lot of my personality report was common sense, but some parts were gold. My true motivations and tendencies were revealed, including the ones I pretend don’t exist. I completed the basic test about 5 years ago. I still come back to my analysis every few months for reference and direction. If you’re thinking about making significant changes in your career, you’re deep in a personal development trek or you’re just curious, the MAPP assessment may be a valuable resource for you.

“Know thyself.”