These are a few recommended products that I feel are worth your time. I only place products on my website that I’ve thoroughly reviewed and I believe can make a tangible improvement in your life.

MAPP Personal Assessment Test

MAPP stands for Motivated Appraisal of Personal Potential, ie: the things you do naturally in life. For about forty dollars, you’ll get two valuable pieces of information. First is a list of 20 career path suggestions based on your specific motivated abilities. Second, there’s a 10 page analysis about your personality, how you relate to people, numbers, things, data, reasoning skills, etc. This was the more valuable part for me once I actually read through it; the wordage was not simple. Most important, the test gave suggestions to the “why” do I do it that way.

For more information, visit my review of this product.

“Know thyself.”


Site Build It!

Are you searching for a way to make income online? Site Build It is high-quality service that helps you create and launch your own income-generating website. This service was specifically designed for non-technical people.

They give you all the education, web hosting, and support you’ll need to succeed. You don’t have to be a techie to earn passive income online. I have referred many of my friends, many of whom are not technical but have a passion to start a small business. For more information, visit my review of this product.

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iStock Photo

This is where I get some of my photos for the blog. If you’re interested in photos for any visual project, iStock offers resources for photographers and designers. Check it out:

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For the bloggers and entrepreneurs, most of the products above offer great affiliate programs.