Vegan Expermiment- Day 1

Day 0

At dinner time I was accosted by my roommates with minor hostilities about my decision, as expected. But in the end they were curious and agreed that the experiment would be supported. They added that unabashed jests were fair game for the next three weeks. I received further curiosity, mostly questions like “Can you eat THIS?”, all of which I’m still figuring out. I ate a salad for dinner and an apple later in the evening.

Here are my approximate stats:

Weight: 156.5 lbs. (bathroom scale)

Bicep circumference

At rest: 32 cm

Flexed: 33.3 cm

~10.5% body fat (hand-held electronic body fat tester)

Day 1

The basic plan I’m following consists of fruit in the morning until noon. This is what I’ve eaten today.




snack: Banana


Salad w/ broccoli, mushrooms, chopped green pepper, celery, tomato, carrot, sunflower seeds, cinnamon covered almonds with Italian dressing.

Side of bean salsa which included kidney beans, black beans, green peppers, hot peppers, tomato, lemon juice and corn.

I’m currently experiencing a food coma, likely due to the serving amounts. My next meal should be less food, and sooner. Also, the book I’m following suggests one condensed food per meal; corn, beans and nuts all count as a condensed food. Also, fruits are to be consumed separate from other foods.

I’ve noticed that I have a consistent low-level hungry feeling, unlike my usual “my left arm is looking tasty” type of hunger. I’ve also noticed a consistent runny nose. Interesting. Also, my body felt a little achy today, as if someone had drugged me with a pill called “Old Person”. It reminds me of the last time I got a professional massage. The therapist told me this was common when toxins leave your body.

Snack: mixed nuts


Salad w/ broccoli, mushrooms, chopped green pepper, tomato and a carrot with Ranch dressing. Corn chips and humus as a side dish. One glass of red Merlot.

Snack: a small bowl of pasta with tomato sauce. Slight food coma ensued.

Night: It was Friday night and we went out on the town, 3 Guinness, 2 Bud Lights. Good times. Housed a banana on the way home and a huge glass of water before bed.

I’m surprisingly getting all sorts of suggestions and encouragement from friends, non-vegan and vegan. For example, make salad and pasta ahead of time. Food preparation takes longer when every meal is fresh.

I drank water throughout the day, but not right after meals. According to the materials I’ve read, drinking water right after a meal can dilute your digestive juices.

This is a list of the basic foods I’ll be eating over the next 30 days: All fruits and vegetables, beans, corn, grains, nuts, coconuts, breads and potatoes.

The foods I’ll be neglecting are any animal product including cheese, eggs, fish, fowl, meat, yogurt, butter substitute, cream, lard and especially any product in convenient plastic packaging with ingredient names I cannot pronounce.

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