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Have you ever met someone full of life? Their joyful energy was flowing effortlessly through their body language, words and actions. You might have even felt a little jealous because they’re just so darn happy all the time. You feel a little less when they leave. This blog will show you how happiness is automatically created and sustained by the people with whom you surround yourself.

Passive and Positive

What if everyone you talked to had a positive yet grounded outlook of life? Do you think it could influence you in a positive way? All of the the major personal development gurus speak on the importance of association & environment. Your friends, family, co-workers and lover influence you consciously, subconsciously, passively and directly. Have you ever experienced peer pressure when you hang out with certain people? Maybe you tend to do bad bad things that you normally would not have done alone. This is the magic of influence; it works both ways.

Imagine your life if you could hang out with the most influential, wise and happy people in the world? They would probably challenge you, influence you to grow, to accomplish great things far beyond what you thought was possible. But how do you practically and constantly surround yourself with the greatest positive minds? Here’s how.

The Secret Source

Most leaders became influential by spreading a message of truth. Back in the day, they wrote books and spoke publicly. Centuries later, audio and video recordings were made. Today the greatest and wisest messages are in books, recordings and certain internet sources. The magic is that the greatest sources of positive influence are absolutely free. It’s called the public library.

The Library has everything. Internet access, books, audio, video and many people to help you find it. So why do so many people ignore this free resource?

A majority of people believe going to the library is dorky. It reminds them of writing book reports via cliff notes. Many people don’t find it exciting to read a book and they stop there, not realizing the best books are also published as audio books.

A few people will have good intentions, but not actually take the time to go to the library. Even more will start a few books and get distracted by television. Many will make excuses like, “I can’t afford $10 for a used book” or my favorite, “I don’t have time”, instead of making time.

The internet is a great resource as well, but anybody can create a website. The library is best because written books & audio books have a publisher. The publisher sifts through most of the crap for you. Google’s search engine sifts through most internet crap for you.

For those few seekers of knowledge that have the wherewithal to USE the ideas of great minds, they are richly rewarded. Financial wisdom. Intellectual knowledge. Spiritual truth. Sexual technique. They will be rewarded with experience well beyond their years. Soon these seekers naturally gravitate towards success or happiness not knowing how it happened.

Become a Student

Another way to influence yourself greatly towards happiness and success is to physically surround yourself with the happiest people you know. Who are the people who laugh and love life the most? Call them to hang out. Study their philosophy. Ask them questions. Find out what works for them.

Toastmasters is a great example of the power of environment. They are a worldwide organization of growth-minded people who build their courage and become better communicators. This encouraging environment helps people overcome their fears, starting with one of the biggest fears in the world; public speaking.

We become the company we keep. The environment that we create determines our happiness, our level personal fulfillment and our bank account.

Work to Set the Autopilot

Don’t worry about how you will be happier or more successful. Simply surround yourself with the people that will automatically pull you there. Join Toastmasters, read timeless books and spend less time with the negative influences in your life. Politely and lovingly shed the relationships that are negative and replace them with positive influences. Watch what happens. And I promise, if this doesn’t work, you can always go back to hanging out with your loser friends- they’re not going anywhere soon.

This isn’t rocket science, but it does take courage and self-discipline to create your network of happiness. Remember that the rewards of creating your network is automatic success and happiness with little effort on your part. Once the network is there, simply sit back and watch your life embody the greatness you’ve invited.

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