Do You Have Too Many Shoes?

Today I visited the local Rotary Club and I witnessed a remarkable story from two courageous women. The program they presented is called “Shoes for Africa”. Their mission is to provide children in Africa with sustainable footwear, and in turn, a gateway to an education.

As I reached for the flier in the middle of the table, I brushed my $300 suit through the cheesecake at the table that I wasn’t going to eat. The Universe was gracing me with some perspective.


  • Shoes are the gateway to an education in Africa. Most would-be students can’t physically sustain the 10+ mile walk to school due to lack of footwear which results in parasitic foot sores. It’s customary for children to make ornate shoes from used car tires, pop bottles and string.
  • The ASHE’ Foundation holds the ultimate mission to collect and distribute 1 million pairs of shoes, with a vision to eventually create a self-sustainable shoe factory. At this time, no shoe manufacturers exist in Mthatha, Africa.
  • The African countryside is covered with orange trees. In Mthatha, there are currently no orange juice manufacturing facilities to process the juice that would save thousands of lives across Africa. Their orange juice is imported.

After I heard this, there was only one acceptable response. I donated money and wrote this blog.

Now I’m asking you to please consider donating financially to this mission. The ASHE’ Foundation has an immediate need for financial support and always spiritual support. Visit this page and click the donate button.

To donate shoes or to volunteer locally anywhere in the continental United States, contact the ASHE’ Foundation directly.

If you’d like to know more, please visit CNN or read this pdf overview.

The ASHE’ Foundation

12400 Venture Canyon Blvd., Suite 111,

Studio City, CA 91604

Phone: (323) 850-6964
Fax: (323) 230-8711

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  1. Kate DuBois says:

    Matt, I am so touched by what you wrote. Thank you! I will follow up with the website. You are such a beautiful example of what I’ve been reading about in a new book – This Hungry Spirit. Author Clint Sidle writes about tapping into our innate basic goodness and how when we do we connect with our “Greater Spirit,” and experience stronger leadership, happiness and positive contribution. Thanks for leading the way. Kate

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